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Every Vote Counts

We are excited to partner with Vot-ER to promote the importance of voting! Vot-ER is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to integrating civil engagement into healthcare with one simple message: “Voting is an important way to make your voice heard and influence government policies that affect our community. Shape Your Community, Shape Your Health The officials […]

Ways to Support NOAH

In celebration of National Health Center Week, August 7-14, we are spreading the word about health centers, how they function, and how you can help us make a difference in the communities we serve. What is a Health Center? According to the Healthcare Advocacy Network, there are four main components every health center must have […]

Monkeypox: What You Need to Know

According to recent reports released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of August 1 there have been over 5,100 reported cases of monkeypox in the United States with Arizona accounting for 50 of those cases. Our best defense against monkeypox is to keep it from spreading by understanding symptoms of the […]

Back to School Wellness Bundle

The demands for back to school can be overwhelming when it comes to backpacks, haircuts, and new outfits, but many students are also in need of required vaccinations, well child checks, or sports physicals. NOAH is easing the stress of back to school health needs with our Wellness Bundle. This visit takes about an hour […]

Do Jalapeños Make You Sweat?

If jalapeños and other spicy foods make you sweat, you’re in luck because they are actually cooling you down! Chili peppers contain, capsaicin, an oil-like compound that makes them spicy. The hotter the pepper, the higher the capsaicin content. We can thank Native Americans for early experimentation with the chili pepper plant and capsaicin’s variety […]

New 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline will have a new number beginning July 16. While help will still be available through the current ten-digit Lifeline, access to support through a new three-digit phone number, 988, will make it even easier to get support. What Does the Lifeline Do? For every one person who dies from suicide, […]

Pool Safety: What you Need to Know

A hot summer afternoon in Arizona often means spending time in the pool with family and friends. This can be a great time to cool off, get active, and enjoy our beautiful weather, but pools can be dangerous. Check out these tips to stay safe next time you dive in. Monitor Access Install a fence […]

When to Worry About Memory Loss

People forget things all the time; and the older you get, the more it happens. So how do you know when memory loss is something more serious? Warning Signs According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are 10 warning signs to look for: Memory loss that disrupts daily life Challenges in planning or solving problems Difficulty […]

Profiles in Leadership

Meet NOAH Board Member Dr. Kim Perry Get to know Dr. Kim Perry, what she brings to the NOAH board of directors and what she hopes to accomplish while serving in this capacity. Q. When did you join the NOAH Board of Directors? A. I joined the NOAH Board of Directors in 2021. When I […]

Who Should get Tested for HIV?

The only way for someone to know if they are infected with HIV is to get tested. The CDC recommends everyone age 13 to 64 get tested for HIV at least once in their lifetime as part of routine health care. People who participate in high-risk activities should get tested more often. High-risk activities include: […]