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Recognizing the Impact of Antibiotics

By Cody Randel Antibiotics save and improve countless lives every day. However, antibiotic resistance is something we need to understand and face together. November 18 – 24 is Antibiotic Awareness Week in the U.S. and World Antimicrobial Awareness Week on a global scale. Antimicrobial resistance of any kind can impact everyone. Antibiotics are part of […]

Supporting NOAH’s Impact – Ways to Give

NOAH works hard every day to impact the lives of our more than 40,000 patients across Maricopa County. From dental, family medicine, and pediatrics, to psychiatry and nutrition services, our more than 100 providers are serving patients and their families with premier care and compassion. You can be part of this important and impactful work […]

Get Some Relief During TMJ Awareness Month

Millions of people in the United States are living with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder and have no idea that it is the source of their pain and discomfort. TMJ disorder, or TMD, is pain in the jaw and surrounding tissues. Symptoms and issues from TMD can range from mild or occasional discomfort, to more severe […]

Just a Regular Dental Cleaning

There are many different types of cleanings. As with most things in healthcare, wellness, and prevention, how your providers work with you will depend on many different things because it’s all about you.

5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Boss’s Day in 2020

On October 16th show a little appreciation to your boss for Boss’s Day. This will go a long way for a boss who works long hours and supports your team. Plus, as an added bonus, showing kindness and gratitude towards others can benefit your health as well! During 2020, though, when not everyone is physically […]