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Get COVID Testing at NOAH’s FastTrack

NOAH offers FastTrack COVID testing at several health center locations. These FastTrack appointments are drive-up and only take a few minutes, making them easy for patients. Results are typically provided in about 24 hours. The NOAH FastTrack testing does NOT require a separate telehealth or in-person provider appointment. However, a FastTrack testing appointment must be […]

Flu Vaccines Myth vs. Fact

By Leslie Shelton, DO | Heuser Family Medicine Resident, PGY-I There has been a lot of talk about vaccines lately. It can be confusing! So, let’s talk about some information about the flu vaccine and if it’s fact or myth. “The flu vaccine gives you the flu.” – MYTH The flu vaccine is a dead […]

Cook Your Way to a Better Weight

By Kahti Paydar | Registered Dietitian You can cook healthier at home without sacrificing flavor.  It’s easy to make your own recipes a little lower in fat and calories and make progress towards a better weight. Just follow these tips to lower the fat content of your meals and snacks. Cook With Less Fat It’s […]

NEWS: Latest COVID Surge Impacting Local Healthcare

The newest wave of COVID cases are impacting people, families, businesses, and organizations throughout our community, including NOAH. Staff across NOAH’s eight health center locations are working hard to ensure patients have access to healthcare and that staff are able to provide the best care possible in a safe and supportive environment. NOAH health centers […]

Celebrate Soup Month With Some New Recipes

Soup can be one of the best meals. Not only can it be an all-in-one meal, but it can make you healthier! A study by Iowa State University found that eating soup was tied to a lower body-mass index, smaller waist circumference, and a reduced risk of being overweight. People who eat soup also usually […]

Is Your Produce Storage Helping or Hurting Your Foods?

By Noel Ugarte, MS, RD | Registered Dietitian Where we store produce – our fruits and vegetables – impacts their shelf-life. Some fruits and vegetables like high humidity, others can sit on the counter, while some put off high amounts of ethylene gas causing nearby produce to ripen (or spoil) quicker. If you’re trying to […]

8 Tips to Help Prevent SIDS

By Tyler Pascavis, MD Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is something that every parent should be aware of.  It is estimated that 3,400 sudden unexpectant infant deaths occur in the United States each year.  The good news is, there are multiple ways you can lower the risk of SIDS. 8 Ways to Reduce SIDS […]

Support NOAH’s Mission and Community Impact

NOAH impacts 45,000 lives every year and each one of those lives is a story of hope, compassion, and community. Donations from the community directly support NOAH’s mission. When Theresa came into a NOAH clinic without an appointment this summer, she asked about just one concern: her blood pressure. NOAH gets patients the care they […]

Understand Lung Cancer

By Olivia Wong, DO Family Medicine Resident PGY-1 Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States for men and women. About 218,500 people in the United States are diagnosed with lung cancer each year, and sadly about 142,000 people die from the disease each year. The Facts About Lung Cancer […]