Balance in the Workplace

5 tips for a healthy lifestyle

Effectively seeking a balanced work/home lifestyle is not as easy as it may look. Finding time for healthy clean eating, active living and mental clarity can be tricky.

At NOAH, we know that healthy living is vital to help prevent and/or manage chronic disease. Balance in the workplace is crucial to your ongoing success. Our experts offer strategies to help you keep up with your healthy lifestyle while at work. Your NOAH Care Team has put together 5 easy steps that you can follow and begin to feel the results in no time! Do you have any great office wellness tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

1 – Breakfast: It’s easy to rush out the door without eating, but starting the day with a protein filled and healthy breakfast helps you started on the right foot. If time permits, make eggs and whole wheat toast. If you are in a rush, pre-make these amazing breakfast energy bites that you can pre-portion out ahead of time. Grab a bag and eat on the way into work.

2 – Drink Water: Something vital to healthy living and so simple to do, yet this can be one of the hardest new daily habits to concur. Grab a large 22 or 32 oz. clear canister of water that you leave right next to your desk as soon as you get into the office. Hate the taste of water? Infuse sliced citrus fruits or your favorite berries for a healthy alternative instead of grabbing that can of soda or sweetened tea beverage. Refill as needed and make sure to keep your canister right in front of you so it’s easily accessible and helps you increase your intake. With 8 recommended glasses a day and an 8 hour work day, try squeezing in a glass every hour on the hour. If you have a 32 oz. canister, that’s only 2 canisters a day!

3 – Move & Stretch: Give yourself a 5 or 10 minute time-out during your workday for some light exercise or stretching. A few simple stretches can help alleviate tension and reduce stiffness. Your body will thank you!

4 – Healthy snacks: Now that you have breakfast down, let’s talk about the importance of healthy snacks! In order to maintain your momentum throughout the rest of your day you need to eat snacks like fruits, vegetables and/or protein rich nuts to help keep you feeling full. On Sunday’s I take a trip the local grocer and buy my favorite snacks in larger quantities. Once home, the prep begins. Pre-portion your veggies and fruits and make your own homemade trail mix and store in your refrigerator and/or pantry. A trick is to keep them right up front at eye level so they are the first thing you grab when you are hungry.

5 – Go outside: There is something wonderful about fresh air and the sun shining down on you – I love it! Looking for reasons to spend a few minutes outdoors? Take your morning coffee outdoors or park your car farther away than you usually do at work and get those extra steps in. Have a meeting scheduled? Why not take it outside so you can soak up that Vitamin D.

Our Care Team at NOAH are here to help you create and manage your healthy lifestyle habits. Need help setting or sticking to your goals? Request an appointment today! #HealthyWeightWeek #wellness #health