Behavioral Health at NOAH

It has been established that many medical issues are related to behavioral health such as anxiety, depression or interpersonal problems. Also, the treatment of chronic medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and pain involve behaviors and habits that many people struggle to prevent.

For these reasons, many of our NOAH health centers have a knowledgeable Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) as an integral member of the clinic’s healthcare provider team. The BHC is an expert in helping people change behaviors which influence their health and well-being. They serve as consultants to all members of the health care team and most importantly to our patients. They provide tools and resources to successfully help individuals maintain their health and wellness. These trained professionals guide and support the necessary changes our patients need to make in order to improve their physical symptoms.

All behavioral health consultations require a referral from the patient’s medical or dental provider. Consultations typically occur on the same day as the referral and generally are 10 to 20 minutes in length. The behavioral health consultation is covered by the patient’s appointment co-pay and does not require any additional payment. During the time when stress, worry, anxiety, depression or traumas are factors in the reasons why a person seeks medical care, the BHC will use education and brief counseling techniques to address those problems, not just the symptoms. In some cases, one consultation is often enough to meet the need. However, follow up consultations can be scheduled if needed.

Do you need help with any of the following?

• Dealing with stressful life problems.
• Stress reduction.
• Tools for parenting issues and child behavior problems.
• Coping with a chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity.
• Help with making behavior changes such as quitting smoking.
• Assistance in developing an overall healthier life style.
• Preparing for upcoming challenging medical procedures.
• Managing depression and anxiety.
• Improving sleep patterns.
• Improving marital and parent-child relationships.
• Coping with care of a sick or impaired loved one.

Chronic Illnesses we specialize in are:

• Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Hyperlipidemia

The BHC can be helpful in changing habits to better manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia by focusing and modifying habits in the areas of treatment compliance, diet, exercise and stress management. It is the goal of our BHC team to raise awareness about the connection between good health, healthy habits and mental health issues. Our programs and experts at NOAH provide knowledgeable resources and healthful tips to meet the needs and improve the lives of the people in our community.