Is your child active enough? Why does it matter?

Active play helps your child develop healthy habits. Encourage your child to get moving throughout the day. Simply playing on the playground, playing tag or even shooting around on a basketball court are all great ways to get active. But why does it matter?

The benefits of active kids include:
• Less likely to weigh too much.
• Helps lower the chance of developing chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.
• Activities such as running and jumping rope, help your child develop muscles and strong bones.
• Playing ‘pretend’ helps the mind develop.
• Increased activity increases happiness.
• Being active with your child and recognizing their accomplishments increases their confidence and self-pride.

Now that you know why activity is important for your child, let’s see if your child is currently active enough? Take the test below and find out!

My child plays outside several times during the day or inside where there is plenty of room to move.

Yes No

TV and screen time is LESS THAN 2 hours a day.

Yes No

I make sure my child moves a minimum of 60 minutes a day.

Yes No

When actively playing, my child breathes quickly or sweats.

Yes No

*If you answer yes to all of these questions, your child is getting enough active play. If you answer no, try a few of our tips below.

Act out a story Family and dog walk after dinner
Play games like duck-duck goose
or Simon says
Play catch
Walk the entire mall Nature bike rides
Turn up the music and dance Games in the yard or park