Healthy Lifestyle Tips from the Pros

During #HealthyWeightWeek (January 15-19) NOAH emphasizes the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. This is a time for people of all shapes and sizes to eat well, live actively, and feel good about themselves. Your NOAH Care Team offers a few secrets in which they recommend and follow to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Susan Flower, LCSW suggests, “Jotting down some accomplishments you have completed at the end of the day.” An example might be as simple as – I drank 3 glasses of water today or I ate a half of a chocolate bar today instead of a whole one.”

Jessica Santosusso, LCSW recommends, “Saying positive affirmations about one’s self regarding making better choices towards being fit and healthy as well as trying meditation for self-love.”

Adriana Cardona, LMSW encourages, “Making time for myself, speaking and thinking about myself in a positive way, self-care – it’s the small stuff that counts (for example making my bed every morning, going for a walk, treating myself to coffee or tea, listening to music, surrounding myself with positive thoughts and people), reach out to my support system and Try not to take myself so seriously.”

Dania Demaurio, LCSW
suggests, “Writing a list of all the reasons why it’s important to you to be healthy and fit and reviewing that list on a daily basis is a great idea. Jotting down setbacks and problem solving ways to overcome future setbacks helps you identify and incorporate ways to remain accountable.”

Multi-Generational FamilyNicole Zahri, LAC offers some great tips parents can try with their kiddos! Kids like routine and knowing what to expect.
Use the meal time your family has together to talk about:
Breakfast – each member of the family could tell about a personal goal, whether it is your number of steps, giving two compliments to friends or coworkers, or doing your best on a test.
Dinner – tell about something you did well or something nice you did for someone else. Keep the conversation positive by recognizing achievements and setting smaller daily goals.

Our Care Team at NOAH are here to help you create and manage your healthy lifestyle habits. Need help setting or sticking to your goals? Request an appointment today! #Counseling #Wellness #Health

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