Let’s Get Real!

Julie LaJoe

Julie LaJoe, MA, LPC
Behavioral Health Counselor
Desert Mission Community Health Center

This year, National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) is starting conversations about eating disorders and vulnerability and the importance of showing your true self to others even when it’s hard. Their theme for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is “Let’s Get Real!”

There is hope in bringing struggles out into the open. Recovery from an eating disorder is not a straight path so it is helpful to understand the ups and downs and to make connections with others who are fighting the same fight.

See a story shared below where one woman talks about 5 things she wished someone would have told her in recovery.

Thankfully we are making strides as a culture to recognize the need to redefine mental health and to take away the stigma associated with eating disorders. Check out some positive stories about and by celebrities and athletes.

Ten years since pop star Britney Spears had a break down captured in the public’s eye, the climate around mental health is changing, and hopefully for the better.

There was greater sensitivity shown in this Winter Olympics for using weights of athletes due to the realities of eating disorders.

Former Miss America 2008 speaks out about redefining identity and beauty in today’s world.

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