Meal Prep Sunday – Road Map for Healthy Eating

Krystal Burton, RDN Registered Dietician

Losing weight is not as simple as just “eat less and exercise more”. Many things affect eating habits, but hunger plays a big role. When 50 studies on high protein diets and weight loss were reviewed, it showed that high protein diets increase feelings of fullness and satisfaction compared to low protein diets. Evidence suggests eating more protein may also decrease calorie intake, contribute to a higher metabolism and improve weight and fat loss.

Convenience is also a big influence when it comes to what we choose to eat. Unfortunately many convenience foods are packed with sodium, saturated fat and excess calories while being low in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Batch cooking, or preparing fresh foods for several days instead of one single day, can be an invaluable tool for busy adults. In a recent cross sectional study publish in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, the link between meal planning/preparation and diet quality and weight were studied. 40,554 participants were surveyed and the results found that those who meal plan enjoy more food variety and have a lower association with being overweight/obese.

Taking a little time to meal prep in your spare time can save you money, precious time during the week and drastically improve the flavor, freshness and quality of your meals and snacks. These quick, high protein breakfast bowls are one of my favorite ways to start the day and can keep you full and satisfied for hours.

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Meal Prep Sunday

Breakfast: Strawberries and cream protein bowl
Lunch/Dinner: Spicy chipotle chicken with Spanish quinoa and roasted sweet bell peppers

Breakfast: Tropical fruit protein bowl
Lunch/Dinner: Roasted Thai peanut sauce pork tenderloin with brown rice and stir fry veggies

Breakfast: Chocolate peanut butter and banana protein bowl
Lunch/Dinner: Salt and pepper pork chop with green beans and roasted red potato

Breakfast: Chocolate raspberry protein bowl
Lunch/Dinner: Turkey lettuce cups

Breakfast: Chocolate cherry chunk protein bowl

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