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Meet Scott Richter of NOAH’s Board of Directors

Meet Scott, the newest member of NOAH’s Board of Directors. He shares a glimpse into what this role means and why he is passionate about NOAH.

Board of Directors
Scott Richter, NOAH Board Member

Q: Tell us about yourself and when you joined the NOAH Board of Directors.

A: My name is Scott Richter. I am the Chief Credit Officer for RAZA Development Fund, a Phoenix-based organization that invests and creates financial solutions to increase opportunities for Latino and poor communities across the country. I am brand new to NOAH’s board having joined in September 2021.

Q: Why are you interested in supporting community health?

A: Service to others is the primary reason. From an early age, my parents instilled in me a strong ethic to help others. Growing up, my dad was a hospital administrator for a small hospital in rural Arkansas and I saw the importance and impact of providing high quality healthcare even at that age.

In addition, as a diabetic I am personally aware of how important it is to take care of one’s health. I also recognize that not everyone has access to the same quality of care. Diabetes is something that can be prevented or controlled when quality care is available. Anything I can do to help others avoid my fate is something I want to be a part of.

Q: Why did you want to serve on NOAH’s Board of Directors?

A: NOAH’s approach of being an active part of the community is what motivated me. We are focused on the patient across the full spectrum of healthcare needs, and that is how my dad approached his role as hospital administrator in rural Arkansas with his focus always on the patient. In that role, he undertook a major renovation providing state-of-the-art care not previously available to the community, not because it was flashy and new, but because it made a real difference in the lives of the people served by the hospital. That sort of strategic foresight is something I hope to bring as NOAH looks to the future of care.

Q: What do you hope the Board of Directors will accomplish during your term?

A: My goal is simple – to make a positive difference in the lives of NOAH patients.  Anything I can do as part of the board that will improve and expand access to quality care to all is worthy of my best efforts.

Q: NOAH serves many different people in the community. What patient population are you most passionate about helping?

A: To me, everyone matters. Our CEO at RAZA Development Fund often says, “poverty doesn’t discriminate.”  Poverty does, however, impact people’s access to quality healthcare. Without good health, any person’s ability to have meaningful work that provides economic stability and opportunity for that person and their family is at risk.  Building a solid foundation that supports people and helps them out of poverty is what matters the most to me.

The NOAH Board of Directors is a diverse group of volunteers who contribute to the mission of transforming the health of our community. Patients from the communities we serve make up 51% of our board. Learn more about NOAH’s board of directors and how they drive the organization.