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Profiles in Leadership

Dr. Moe Bell
Dr. Marvin (Moe) Bell, NOAH Board of Directors

Meet NOAH Board Member Dr. Marvin (Moe) Bell

Get to know Dr. Bell, his inspiration for joining the NOAH board and what he hopes to accomplish as part of the group.

Q: When did you join the NOAH Board of Directors?

A: I joined the board in January 2022.

Q: Why are you interested in supporting community health?

A: I strongly believe that community health centers are the best way to improve equity and health outcomes in our community. I worked for NOAH as a physician and have seen firsthand the great benefit NOAH is providing to our community.

Q: What specifically about NOAH motivated you to want to get involved at this level with the organization?

A: I have a long history with NOAH, dating back to 1998 when I was the medical director helping with two school-based clinics. The very first Pap smear we did on an uninsured mother of three found an early-stage cervical cancer that was treatable, and truly saved her life. I have seen NOAH grow to help many more patients, and I hope to help NOAH going forward as I retire from patient care.

Q: What do you like about working with your fellow board members?

A: I am very new to the board, but I am already impressed by the strong commitment the board members have to community health and the wide range of expertise of the members.

Q: What do you hope to collectively accomplish during your term on the board?

A: I hope to help with the transition to fully independent status as NOAH becomes independent from HonorHealth. I also hope my experience both medically and in public health will be of use to NOAH’s leadership and other board members.

Q: In your own words, what does NOAH’s Board of Directors provide for the organization, staff, patients, and the community?

A: I would say oversight, accountability, expertise, and overall support of NOAH’s mission.

Q: What part of the community that NOAH serves matters to you the most personally?

A: I am especially concerned about the underserved members of our community who struggle to get good medical and behavioral health care. NOAH’s strong focus on social determinants of health is very important to me.

The NOAH Board of Directors is a diverse group of volunteers who contribute to the mission of transforming the health of our community. Patients from the communities we serve make up 51% of our board. Learn more about NOAH’s board of directors and how they drive the organization.