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Getting to know your provider

  • Why did you choose your profession?

    Food is an integral part of our lives. I fondly remember making homemade ice cream with my dad, making the best Caesar salad ever with my mom, and having meatball eating contests with my brothers. Food also has an immense impact on how we feel. I want to help people not only have fun with food but help them feel their best.

  • Why do you work at NOAH?

    I love that NOAH provides all the services patients need in one place. Accessible healthcare is essential to our well-being.

  • What are your passions outside of your profession?

    I love to work out, eat bean burritos, hike, do puzzles, and spend time with my husband and dog Sam.

  • If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

    I would buy a house for my parents, donate to animal shelters, and start traveling the world.