Joshua Leslie, PA-C


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Certified Physician Assistant (NCCPA)

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Gannon University

Getting to know your provider

  • Why did you choose your profession?

    I’ve watched family members struggle with mental health and addiction problems growing up. I was fortunate and saw my love ones get better with the right support, counseling, and medication treatment.  Those experiences led me into the medical field with a specific passion to help others who are also suffering with mental health and addiction.

  • How do you feel psychiatry fits into the NOAH integrated care model?

    Practicing a patient centered approach means looking at every aspect of care including the mind and body. The fact that NOAH already incorporates this into their vision and mission makes psychiatry a perfect fit for our patients.

  • What are your passions outside of your profession?

    My wife and I moved to Arizona in 2010 to start a family and pursue my passion in becoming a professional golfer. After 10 years our family has grown and I’ve come to realize that I’m still a terrible golfer. My passions now include spending time outdoors, having water balloon fights with my kids and maybe golfing a few times a year.

  • If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

    It sounds a little odd but I have always wanted to start an Animal Rescue Center for pets who’s owners are seeking help for mental illness and addiction here in Arizona. There is almost nowhere to take a pet if you are seeking inpatient psychiatric or addiction treatment and I’ve always thought that would be an incredible gift to provide someone if I had the money to make it happen.