John Woellner, MD


Primary Location

Languages Spoken

English, Polish


Medical School:
University of Cincinnati Medical School

Scottsdale Memorial Hospital

Getting to know your provider

  • Why did you choose your profession?

    I was interested in science and did my undergraduate in biology and chemistry. I had an opportunity to study medicine which provides a lot of interesting cases and continued interactions with patients as a family practice practitioner.

  • Why do you work at NOAH?

    Working at NOAH allows me the opportunity to serve the community where I have been working for the last forty years.

  • What are your passions outside of your profession?

    Reading history & non-fiction, music, trivia and local travel.

  • If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

    Well, I don’t play the lottery so I would probably squirrel it away and live pretty much the same I do now.

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