Ready to Vote?

Ready to Vote?

Register to vote, verify your registration, or request a ballot here:

NOAH has partnered with the national nonpartisan, non-profit organization, Vot-ER to help ensure our patients are ready to vote in the upcoming election. Healthcare organizations across the country are participating in this effort to build awareness about the impact of voting.


There are a couple of reasons why NOAH is part of this campaign.

Everyone needs healthcare. Our services reach a diverse population and can be effective in getting the word out throughout Maricopa County.

Health centers rely on government funding for a significant portion of our operating costs. This funding is decided on by our elected officials and/or guidelines set through legislation.

VOTE. It matters.

When you vote, you are helping to select people who will represent your views on important topics and legislation that impacts the way you live. Take the opportunity to share your voice by voting in every election. Voting can be complicated but there are lots of unbiased resources to help explain who and what is on the ballot in terms that are easy to understand.

If you need more information on how to register to vote or details about what’s on the ballot, click here or text VOTE NOAH to 34444.