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It’s Time to Talk About Colorectal Cancer Screenings

If you are over 45 then it’s time to talk to your doctor about Colorectal Cancer Screenings. We know it isn’t anyone’s favorite topic, but it is easier than you may think to get screened.

A few Colorectal Cancer facts to know before we talk about screenings:

  1. Colorectal Cancer is colon cancer and rectal cancer combined because they both begin in the large intestine.
  2. If caught early, around 90% of people survive this cancer diagnosis. Catching it early is critical!
  3. More men than women are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year, but not by much. So everyone should be screened.
  4. It might make you a little uncomfortable to talk about, but discussing Colorectal Cancer and screenings saves many lives!

At NOAH, It’s Our Job to Save Your Butt!

All jokes aside, our providers WANT to talk to you about Colorectal Cancer and get you screened.

NOAH is here to discuss colon and rectal cancers with you. We want all of our patients to know the risks, the signs and symptoms (or lack of!), how easy it is to get screened, and that by talking about this can save lives! We have more details about Colorectal Cancer risks, ways to reduce your risks, and a few more details about screenings here. Our NOAH Nutrition Services team also put together some tips on ways to reduce your risk for Colorectal Cancer with food!

As you saw in the video, there are options for screenings and we will help you find the one that is right for you. Request an appointment with a NOAH provider today online or by calling 480-882-4545.