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Cholla Health Center Provider Profile: Meet Dr. Eller

NOAH’s newest location, Cholla Health Center, is expected to open in late 2022. Conveniently located in south Scottsdale, the 30,000 square foot facility will combine three of NOAH’s locations; Heuser Family Medicine Center, Heuser Pediatric Dental, and the north Scottsdale Cholla Health Center. With capacity to serve over 16,000 patients annually, NOAH is able to provide care for all of the existing patients as well as welcome many new patients. For more information about the new Cholla Health Center including details about the new facility, construction progress, services offered, and NOAH’s Scottsdale roots, visit the project website.

At NOAH, we believe high quality healthcare starts with great people and are pleased to have experienced, caring, and passionate providers like Dr. Eller on our team.

Linda Eller, DO

Q. How long have you been a provider with NOAH?

A. I started working for NOAH in February 2017 and have now been with NOAH for five and a half years.

Q. If I asked your patients to describe what makes you a good provider, what would they say?

A. I work with my patients in shared decision making to help them achieve their healthcare goals.

Q. What is the most rewarding thing about being a NOAH provider?

A. At NOAH I have had the ability to serve a diverse patient population and have earned the trust of many patients. 

Q. What positive changes have you seen in community healthcare over the years?

Keeping telehealth as an option has been a great addition for our NOAH patients. At NOAH, our wonderful integrative team helps to offer comprehensive care for our patients.

Q. What about the new Cholla Health Center excites you the most?

A. As a provider at the previous Cholla location, we’ve been without a permanent home, off and on, for over two years. I am excited to have a clinic to serve my patients in full-time.

Q, What do you hope the new Cholla Health Center will bring to the south Scottsdale community?

A. NOAH has operated clinics in north and Old Town Scottsdale but has not had the capacity to extend services as far south and east as we will with this new location. There is a high demand in this area for an integrated healthcare offering that supports underserved populations

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

A. My husband and I are passionate about traveling and recently visited Puerto Rico. We loved the beautiful island, the people, and culture. We hiked the rain forest, relaxed on the beautiful beaches, and enjoyed time with friends. More locally, Sedona is one of our favorite places in Arizona to explore. We love the delicious food, beautiful hikes, and peacefulness the town offers.

To learn more about Dr. Eller, check out her Provider Profile.