Tips for increasing physical activity – Have fun!

Check out our top tips for increasing physical activity during the holidays and remember – have fun! Whether you take a brisk walk to and from the parking lot at work or join an exercise class, just make sure you mix it up so that it’s different each day. Get in 10-15 minutes of activity at a time to increase your health benefits. Always keep some comfortable clothes and a pair of walking/running shoes in your car and at the office so there are no excuses!

Your physical activity may differ at home than it does at work or hanging out with family so we have included a few tips no matter where you are to help get you moving!

At home

• Walk the dog – don’t just watch the dog walk.
• Wash the car – it’s nice outside so enjoy the weather too.
• Walk or cycle to your favorite coffee shop or restaurant – leave the car at home.
• Stretch in the morning and night while watching television.
• Mow the lawn with a push mower.
• Plant a garden.
• Exercise to a workout video.
• Walk up and down the football or soccer fields while watching the kids practice.
• Ride bikes to the park – leave the car at home.
• Join a walking group – make it fun and compete with a step challenge.

At work

• Grab a colleague and take your meeting outside with a brisk walk.
• Take advantage of work exercise programs.
• Join the office softball team or walking group.
• Walk or bike to work – bring extra clothes to change into at the office.
• Walk to your favorite local restaurant for lunch – leave the car behind.

At play

• Swim or take a water aerobics class.
• Walk, jog or cycle.
• Sign up for a dance or yoga class at your local community center – walk to class.
• Golf – carry your clubs and save money by leaving the cart behind.
• Take a nature walk.
• Play basketball, softball or soccer.

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