Turn those chores into a workout!

Cleaning the house is a necessity, but not always something you enjoy doing. Turn your chores into a work out and check two tasks off your to-do list. Whether its extra trips up and down the stairs or adding in a few squats when unloading the dishwasher, this additional movement throughout the day adds up.

6 Tips for turning your chores into a workout

1. When you vacuum, perform some walking lunges. Keep your knees above your ankles and your back straight and tighten abs. You will start to feel it in your thighs and glutes.

2. Instead of making one trip up and down the stairs, make multiple trips, carrying less in your hands. The goal is to make more work for yourself, not less.

3. Instead of vacuuming your area rugs, take them outside and hang them up. Pick up your broom and swing away, beating out the dust and dirt. Not only does this involve your arm muscles, but helps work out your core abdomen as well.

4. Use a stepladder or step stool when you need to reach high areas. In between cleaning, take a few extra steps, up and down, getting your heart rate up.

5. Putting on some up-beat music while you clean is a great way to get moving. Don’t forget to dance around a bit in between dusting or wiping the windows. Not only will you break a sweat, but you will have fun doing it!

6. Instead of making small circles while scrubbing the shower walls, make long, sweeping movements. Make sure you are squatting when reaching the lower part of the walls too. This will give you a great should work out while engaging those thighs and glutes.

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