Dental Connect

Dental emergencies for uninsured patients can now have better outcomes with the Delta Dental of Arizona Dental Connect program.

Patients experiencing dental emergencies usually come to the emergency department as a last resort, and with at least one – usually more – dental issues. These issues can be causing severe pain, impacting other areas of a patient’s health, and probably interfering with their day-to-day life.

Dental Connect will provide a direct pathway to expert dental care at NOAH Health Centers for those uninsured patients.

Here’s how:

When a patient presents at the HonorHealth Emergency Department with a:

  • dental emergency,
  • facial pain emergency, or
  • related issues

AND is uninsured, they can take part in the Dental Connect program.

A member of the patient’s care team in the Emergency Department can begin the program by creating a NOAH Referral or emailing

When starting the patients on the program, be sure to include: reason for Emergency Department visit, patient need, details about the dental emergency, patient information, hospital campus, and any other relevant information.

Together, Delta Dental of Arizona, NOAH and HonorHealth emergency departments, are ensuring that uninsured patients with dental emergencies are addressed quickly and with the highest-level of dental care.