6 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Diet

#SpringCleaning doesn’t just mean deep cleaning the house. It’s a perfect time to get rid of old #eatinghabits too! Our Care Team at NOAH are here to help you create & manage your #healthy #lifestyle #habits. Need help setting or sticking to your goals? Call 480-882-4545 today! #NationalNutritionMonth

Conquering the Grocery Store – Diabetes Management

Sometimes going to the grocery store can be a task rather than a fun activity. At NOAH, our Care Team offers some great tips for our patients that have diabetes to help them reduce that overwhelming feeling. With a little planning, grocery shopping can be an effective tool to help you meet your goals – managing your blood sugar levels and lose weight.

Planning and shopping carefully are two ways you will take control of your diet. To be successful, you need to first focus on what’s healthy, nutritious and tasty. Our Registered Dieticians will help guide you through this process. We provide our patients with the necessary information needed so they can conquer the grocery store on their own.

Below are a few tips for you to start with so that your visit to the grocery store is a success! Read more

Road Trip – Got Healthy Snacks?

By Kristal Burton, RDN | NOAH Health Centers

It’s that time of year when you load up the family and drive off toward adventure. It’s easy when sitting in a car for long periods to justify continually snacking on foods you normally try not to make a habit of munching on, but those seemingly innocent snacks can stack up to a lot of weight gain, bloating and discomfort. Pack these dietitian approved healthy snacks and if you are going to stop to eat a meal, pick a restaurant that offers healthy meal options. Read more

5 Tips for Nutritious Family Meals

Ask yourself, what is your vision of the perfect family meal? What does it look like, who is at your table, and what are you eating? For me, it’s having dinner at the dining table, family style, packed with healthy nutritious foods, full of laughter and conversation highlighting the day’s adventures. Often times this is more of a dream than a reality in many households, but our NOAH Care Team offer a few tips to help you make your perfect family meal come true! Read more

What Can an RDN Do For You?

While many health professionals can help suggest healthier foods or strategies for better health, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) can help you set a plan for meeting those health goals. Whether you’re focused on weight loss, improving heart health, navigating eating after bariatric surgery, dealing with an adolescent eating disorder, or perhaps dealing with a digestive disorder like acid reflux or a food allergy, or even to improve energy levels, we can help! Read more

Get to Know Your Nutrition Team!

Today is #NationalRegisteredDietitianNutritionist Day and we would like to introduce you to our NOAH Nutrition Team. Read more

Identify the Warning Signs

Julie LaJoe

Julie LaJoe, MA, LPC
Behavioral Health Counselor
Desert Mission Community Health Center

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) provides a short screening tool for ages 13 and up to help determine the need of seeking professional treatment for eating disorders. Go to: nationaleatingdisorders.org
Before you can treat a problem, you must be able to know the signs of the problem and be able to identify it. Read more

Challenge Negative Self-Talk with Nutrition Counseling

Erinn Gregory

Erinn Gregory, RDN
Nutrition Educator
NOAH Palomino Health Center

Nutrition therapy is an important part of the eating disorder treatment and recovery process. The role of therapy is to assist patients in normalizing their eating patterns. To treat eating disorders, a nutrition counselor can help a patient challenge and change the ways they think about food and their eating habits. Read more

What is NORMAL Eating?

Erinn Gregory

Erinn Gregory, RDN
Nutrition Educator
NOAH Palomino Health Center

Nutrition treatment is an important part of the integrative treatment team for a patient with an eating disorder. The first step in nutrition counseling is to help the individual ease into a balanced style of eating and a healthy more stable weight. The nutrition counselor is the team member who has the expertise to assess the patient nutritionally, review their normal food choices and help to correct nutrient deficiencies. Read more

Meal Prep Sunday – Road Map for Healthy Eating

Krystal Burton, RDN Registered Dietician

Losing weight is not as simple as just “eat less and exercise more”. Many things affect eating habits, but hunger plays a big role. When 50 studies on high protein diets and weight loss were reviewed, it showed that high protein diets increase feelings of fullness and satisfaction compared to low protein diets. Evidence suggests eating more protein may also decrease calorie intake, contribute to a higher metabolism and improve weight and fat loss. Read more