Summer road trip first aid kit-must haves!

Dr. Katherine Chuang, MD

Dr. Katherine Chuang, MD
Desert Mission Health Center

Bandages. Disinfecting wipes. Sunscreen. Check √

Summer is a great time to stock up on various bandages as well as antiseptic pads for your first aid kits. Your local stores usually have discounts on themed band aids which are fun for the kiddos and ease the pain just as much as a healing kiss!

It’s a good idea to make two kits. A larger one for the car and a smaller, travel size, to carry in your back pack during hikes or bike rides. Most items can fit inside a regular toiletries pouch and are usually water proof.

Your care team at NOAH recommends your first aid kits contain a few ‘must haves’ as you pack for the next road trip this summer. Read more

Got heat exhaustion? Get help!

It’s a hot summer day and your family has been at the lake for hours. Your child walks up to you grabbing their stomach and complains of nausea, has slurred speech, looks pale, and clammy. You grab ice cold water and douse your little one right away, thinking to yourself, do they have heat exhaustion?

If this has happened to you, we at NOAH recommend a strategy to help reduce your risk and provide useful tips to combat the onset of heat exhaustion before it’s too late and heat stroke sets in. Read more

Heat exhaustion basics – know the signs.

If you haven’t gone out much this summer yet, you might be in for a rude awakening with the sun. As temperatures continue to rise, dehydration becomes inevitable if you don’t drink fluids throughout the day. Over time, heat exhaustion may set in and if you don’t treat it right away, you may find yourself in a local emergency room. NOAH has you covered with some great information about the basics of heat exhaustion.
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