Turn those chores into a workout!

Cleaning the house is a necessity, but not always something you enjoy doing. Turn your chores into a work out and check two tasks off your to-do list. Whether its extra trips up and down the stairs or adding in a few squats when unloading the dishwasher, this additional movement throughout the day adds up.
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National Immunization Awareness Month

By Chris Sweeney, RN, NOAH Quality Manager

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Meal Prep Sunday – Road Map for Healthy Eating

Krystal Burton, RDN Registered Dietician

Losing weight is not as simple as just “eat less and exercise more”. Many things affect eating habits, but hunger plays a big role. When 50 studies on high protein diets and weight loss were reviewed, it showed that high protein diets increase feelings of fullness and satisfaction compared to low protein diets. Evidence suggests eating more protein may also decrease calorie intake, contribute to a higher metabolism and improve weight and fat loss. Read more

National Health Center Week – 2017

We appreciate the hard work of our staff, volunteer board members and partners as we wrap up National Health Center Week 2017 – Thank you for serving our community! Rep. Ruben Gallego, Mercy Care Plan, Senator Martín J. Quezada, Phoenix Public Library, Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers – AACHC, National Association of Community Health Centers #NHCW17 #ValueCHCs #IChooseNOAH

2017 Back To School Health Checks

On Wednesday, July 26th NOAH participated in Covering the Bases: Back-to-School 2017 @ Scottsdale Stadium presented by The City of Scottsdale. Over 1000 Students attended the event.

NOAH provided dental screenings and scheduled back to school immunizations and well child exams at our clinic on Saturday, July 29th.

Eating on the run-Dragon Bowl basics

Tame your inner dragon with this healthy summer take on salad and create your own dragon bowl. Try this wholesome spin on a healthful meal that you and your guests can create in a cinch! A dragon bowl is a tasty, all-in-one-meal packed with healthy, diverse, colorful foods, both cooked and raw. A generous drizzle of your favorite Asian inspired dressing tops off this wonderful meal. These super bowls, or Buddha bowls can include flavors such as ginger, soy, garlic, Sriracha, tamari, tahini, nutritive yeast and/or wasabi.

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