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Sleep Awareness Week – Healthy Sleep Hygiene

By Katelyn Millinor, LPC | Behavioral Health Quality Manager Healthy sleep, also known as sleep hygiene, describes good sleep habits. Guidelines and tips NOAH offers patients for better sleep comes from years of expert research and experience. And, while there are medications that can help with sleep, they are usually only helpful in the short-term. […]

Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Cancer Prevention

By Mina Goodman, RDN While there is still much research to be done on what causes cancer, there are still some easy tips for cancer prevention and healthy living. To reduce your risk, consider these tips:  Limit processed and fatty meats – these include bacon, sausage, hot dogs, and lunch meats. Try for more fish, […]

National Family Caregiver Month – Take Time for You

By Katelyn Millinor, LPC Each November, we take the time to honor Family Caregivers – those who devote their lives to providing care for their family members or friends who are elderly, ill, or disabled. The demands of caregiving can be challenging, overwhelming, and tiresome. It can also be rewarding and fulfilling. Caregivers often give […]