National Birth Defects Month

Birth defects affect one in every 33 babies born in the U.S. The goal of #NationalBirthDefectsPreventionMonth is to generate awareness noting birth defects are common, costly, and critical, and to offer steps that you can take to increase your chance of having a healthy baby.
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Is your child active enough? Why does it matter?

Active play helps your child develop healthy habits. Encourage your child to get moving throughout the day. Simply playing on the playground, playing tag or even shooting around on a basketball court are all great ways to get active. But why does it matter? Read more

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from the Pros

During #HealthyWeightWeek (January 15-19) NOAH emphasizes the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. This is a time for people of all shapes and sizes to eat well, live actively, and feel good about themselves. Your NOAH Care Team offers a few secrets in which they recommend and follow to lead a healthy lifestyle. Read more

Balance in the Workplace

5 tips for a healthy lifestyle

Effectively seeking a balanced work/home lifestyle is not as easy as it may look. Finding time for healthy clean eating, active living and mental clarity can be tricky.
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