Preventing Suicide – Video

LIFE – it throws all of us curve balls that can be difficult to deal with. “For some, sometimes death seems like the only option,” says Mental Health America. Learn the warning signs of someone considering suicide. If you know someone that is at immediate risk of suicide, you need to ACT!

A is for ASK: Ask your friend if they are considering suicide or if they have a plan to end their life. It’s okay to be direct. Just try to be non-judgmental and show you care.

C is for CARE: If you think someone is in immediate danger, stay with them and offer to go with them to find help, even if it doesn’t make sense to you, try your best to sympathize and offer support. Try not to leave someone with suicidal thoughts alone.

T is for TELL: Tell a trusted adult what’s going on. Your friend might ask you not to tell anyone, but you should never keep talk of suicide a secret. It is worth breaking trust to save a life. You should never try to handle the situation by yourself. The most helpful think you can do is guide your friend to someone with training.

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