Sierra closing

NOAH’s Sierra Health Center Closing

As of November 1, 2021 the NOAH Sierra Health Center is closing. This community health center location opened in late-2016 at the corner of Bell Road and 59th Ave in Glendale.

Sierra was always different than most of the other eight health center locations because it was focused on a specific service. Sierra offered quality therapy and counseling services to a wide variety of patients of all ages. The providers at this location serviced couples, children, teens, and individuals as they worked to overcome life’s toughest challenges with a holistic approach to counseling.

While Sierra may be closing, providers from Sierra will continue to serve patients throughout the metro-Phoenix area through telehealth counseling and therapy sessions, or at another NOAH location.

NOAH behavioral health professionals incorporate various treatment methods into the counseling process and treat the counseling relationship as a partnership between the patient and healthcare professional working toward shared goals. And, because NOAH believes in whole-person healthcare, your behavioral health provider can work with or refer patients for other services at NOAH, working together with all providers.

To schedule an appointment or for more information on services, request an appointment online or call 480-882-4545.