Health Center Week

It’s National Health Center Week

During National Health Center Week, NOAH is celebrating the progress made in the 57 years since community health centers were established as part of the civil rights movement. Community health centers, like the nine locations NOAH operates around central Arizona serve all members of the community.

Today, there are 1,400 community health center organizations like NOAH providing much-needed healthcare and wellness services around the country. Those 1,400 organizations have more than 14,000 sites to serve the 30 million individuals who need and deserve access to quality care.

The National Association of Community Health Centers recognizes the progress and impact made for all people throughout the year, but this week is dedicated to sharing this momentum with everyone.

NOAH Community Health Centers

NOAH began its journey of providing compassionate, quality healthcare for all in 1997. In the past 24 years, NOAH has expanded to nine health center locations, serving 40,000 people every year, adding vital new service lines like psychiatry, integrating screenings for food insecurity and other social determinants of health, and so much more. Today NOAH employs more than 350 talented, dedicated providers, support staff, and administrative professionals to continue to bring our vision to life.

Throughout National Health Center Week, NOAH is recognizing our amazing team members who always give so much to our mission and each patient, but even more so over the past 18 months. NOAH has given more than 20,000 COVID vaccines, continues to meet every goal in front of them, and works together as a team in the face of every new opportunity.

So, this week we take time to celebrate our NOAH team members and the other 225,000 community health center employees around the country. Community health centers help families grow, support generations, address wellness for the whole person, and change lives every day. To learn more about Community Health Centers and their impact, visit To see what NOAH is up to this week, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!