Road Trip – Got Healthy Snacks?

By Kristal Burton, RDN | NOAH Health Centers

It’s that time of year when you load up the family and drive off toward adventure. It’s easy when sitting in a car for long periods to justify continually snacking on foods you normally try not to make a habit of munching on, but those seemingly innocent snacks can stack up to a lot of weight gain, bloating and discomfort. Pack these dietitian approved healthy snacks and if you are going to stop to eat a meal, pick a restaurant that offers healthy meal options.


• Baggies of grapes.
• Cuties.
• Small apples (3 oz. each) or pears.
• Sugar snap peas with hummus.
• Cheese sticks.
• Almonds.
• Individual 100 calorie guacamole cups.
• Individual peanut butter cups or pouches (these are great if your hotel does not have any healthy fat or protein choices in the continental breakfast).

Lunch stop items:

• 100% whole grain bread.
• Low sodium turkey and ham lunch meats.
• Munster cheese.
• Individual mayo and mustard packets.
• Pickle slices.
• Lettuce.
• Sliced tomato.
• Peanut butter.
• Honey.

Dinner options if stopped for fast food:

• 6 inch turkey or ham sub with cheese and unlimited vegetables.
• 2 taco bell tacos.
• Starbucks Spinach and Feta wrap.
• Chick-fil-a grilled chicken cool wrap.
• McDonald’s artisan grilled chicken sandwich.


• Water bottles.
• Several water flavors (crystal light, mio, Stur, etc.).
• Carbonated waters (La Croix, Clear American).
• Infused waters.

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