Healthy aging

What to Know for Healthy Aging Month

Our bodies change in many ways as we age. The more we know what to expect and how to manage any challenges, the better. NOAH offers comprehensive healthcare for patients of all ages, but since September is Healthy Aging Month, we are sharing useful tips and reminders for you and your loved ones.

Don’t Miss Annual Physicals

Annual physicals are an opportunity for you to discuss your health and wellness with your primary care provider. Medical providers will order age-appropriate tests and labs to get a full picture of your health. At NOAH we strongly encourage our Medicare patients to schedule their annual Medicare Wellness Visit to discuss health goals and recommendations.

Get Regular Check-Ups

If you aren’t feeling well, make an appointment to see your provider. Patients, especially aging patients, shouldn’t try to wait it out if there is something wrong. Having regular check-ups will keep you feeling well and catch any potentially serious conditions early.

Mental Health Matters

No matter your age, your mental health is important. In aging adults, depression can have a negative impact on health conditions like heart disease and stroke. Patient’s often underestimate depression and mental health concerns, but it is important to everyone’s overall health to make sure mental wellbeing is, managed appropriately.

Get Moving

More physical activity means a healthier you! Getting active can help delay, prevent, or manage many chronic diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol. Being more active can also help keep your bone density and strength. Any exercise is better than none, so just get moving!

Eat For Your Health

Being overweight or obese will seriously harm your overall health, particularly as you age. Eating a nutritious diet will help manage chronic conditions, keep you healthy, and even improve your mood. Consider adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals, and always talk to your provider about any diet changes.

If you have trouble accessing or affording healthy, nutritious food, talk to NOAH. We can help!

Stay Social for Healthy Aging

A recent study found that older adults with more social activity had more positive moods, fewer negative feelings, and higher levels of physical activity. If you don’t have a social network, look for one through volunteer activities, at senior centers, at church, or other local community groups.

NOAH is here for you and your loved ones at any age. To learn more about healthy aging, comprehensive care, enrolling in Medicare or another insurance plan, access to healthy food and other resources, reach out to NOAH today at 480-882-4545 or make an appointment online.